Custom Wood Blinds

At Western Woods our goal is to provide you with the finest custom wood blinds available. Unlike many blind companies, we actually manufacture all of our custom wood blinds and we do it right here in Mitchell, South Dakota. This gives us complete control over the quality of our blinds from start to finish. Because Western Woods only uses the highest quality components you can be confident our custom wood blinds are quite simply the finest you can buy.

Whether your personal style is warm and traditional, or sleek and contemporary, our custom wood blinds provide a stylish and practical solution to your home's interior design.


Western Woods custom wood blinds are available in our best selling 2" width or select the 2½" width for that plantation shutter look.

Blind Features

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High Profile Headrail

You'll find two types of head rails used on wood blinds, high profile and low profile. Western Woods only uses 2" x 2" high profile metal head rails to maximize strength and minimize the need for extra support brackets on blinds spanning wider distances.

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Metal Tape Drums

Rising metal costs have driven many companies to use lower cost plastic tape drums. Unfortunately plastic tape drums have a tendency to become brittle and break which means a repair has to be made to the blind. At Western Woods, we only use the highest quality metal tape drums on our custom wood and faux wood blinds.

Ladder Strings Img check mark

Stealthy Ladder Strings

Western Woods is the only blind maker that drills the cords into the sides of the bottom rail. This creates a clean look and adds to the overall appearance of the blinds. Other companies wrap the ladders around the bottom rail, then stuff it into the bottom hole and in most cases don't even bother to cut the cross strings making for an unsightly appearance.

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Magnetic Valance Attachment

Using magnets to attach the valance offers a tighter fit at the top in comparison to using plastic clips. Plastic clips get brittle and break, plus they're very hard to work with when installing blinds. Western Woods uses powerful 1-3/8" magnets and a unique anti-slide stopper on our valances. Now, other companies have started using smaller and weaker 1" magnets without an anti-slide stopper which allows the valance to slide down.

Tassel & Stop Ball Img check mark

Wooden Stop Balls & Ringed Tassels

Western Woods uses a wooden stop ball to eliminate the unsightly appearance of multiple lift cords which in-turn allows our custom faux and wood blinds to raise and lower evenly. While it's not uncommon to find stop balls used throughout the industry, many are turning to low-cost plastic alternatives. We use attractive ringed tassels which enhance the appearance of the blind. Additionally, metal washers are used above the knots to support the balls and tassels. Others in the industry use plastic washers or (no washer) which are not as durable.